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August 5, 2021


According to the National Safety Council. even though 2020 saw a dramatic drop in miles driven, motor vehicle deaths are estimate to be higher in 2020than the past 13 years – showing as many as 42,060 estimated to have died in motor vehicle crashes last year, and 8% increase over 2019. These numbers are staggering, and it shows us just how widespread accidents truly are.

It cannot be overstated enough, accidents like these impact families throughout the country each year. Losing a loved one due to a motor vehicle accident is one of the most difficult things families have to come to terms with, and fewer things are more upsetting than a life being cut short due to a car accident.

For this very reason, there is no way to put a monetary value on someone’s life. However, there are expenses that come with any death, especially sudden ones. Funeral expenses, hospital bills and outstanding debts can quickly add up while you are your family are going through the grieving process. No one should have to worry about how they will pay for things like this while they are trying to grasp the lose of a loved one. This is where you need the help of a compassionate personal injury attorney to guide you through the process.

Wrongful death attorneys in Greenville, NC

Our team understands there is no replacing a life taken so quickly and there is no monetary amount that will can ease their passing but receiving compensation after a wrongful death accident could help your family. Even if you can afford for any end-of-life expenses, this type of compensation can be used for future family expenses or possibly by finding a way to memorialize your loved one.

The attorneys at Hardee, Massey & Blodgett have decade of experience representing families in cases exactly like this.  You are not alone. We know that losing a loved one is extremely painful. We know these types of death often have more anger, confusion, and disbelief than with other causes of death because they are unexpected and there was no way to foresee your loved one would be gone in an instant. If you have lost a loved one in a car accident, call us today, 252-378-2525.

July 20, 2021


Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things anyone can go through. It is hard enough if the loved love passes after an extended illness or simply due to old age, but when the death is sudden it is much worse. When you lose someone suddenly there is no time to prepare yourself or loved ones for the death. A sudden passing can lead to feelings of anger, deep sorrow, depression and confusion. With the sudden grief of losing someone it may be difficult figuring out what to do for a funeral, memorial or even what to do with their belongings.

Trying to get through the loss and possibly care for family can be difficult to manage especially when the death is the result of someone else’s negligence. You may have questions that need to be answered and unfortunately the question of finances may come up.

There may be medical expenses that accumulated after the accident that could be just as devastating to a family as the accident and loss itself. Funerals are very expensive, averaging $8,000, and a cremation will cost around $3,000 in North Carolina. These expenses, on top of dealing with your loss can be more stressful and consuming.

The attorneys at Hardee, Massey & Blodgett do not want to minimize or monetize your loss as there is no amount of money that can bring back your loved one. A wrongful death injury claim is not meant to do this. The purpose of these types of claims are to help you and your family financially deal with the loss. Bills and final expenses can be difficult to deal with, but when you’ve suddenly lost someone and possibly  have lost an income in your house due to the death, things are even worse. We hope that a wrongful death claim will help with this.

If you or a family member is dealing with the loss of a loved one due to the negligence of another party, call the attorneys at Hardee, Massey & Blodgett. We understand that it is not easy to move forward after the sudden death of a loved up, but there are things we can do to help you during the most difficult of times. With over 58 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys have helped others with similar cases. Our compassionate team will be with you throughout the process, fighting so you get the fair and just compensation you deserve for your loved one. Call us today.

July 15, 2021


Everyone knows that driving under the influence is not just illegal, it’s undeniably dangerous. The reason there are so many laws about driving under the influence, what is and what is not legal, is because it is absolutely not okay.

Most anyone who is driving is aware of the concerns and consequences that come from drinking and driving. We’ve had to sit through discussions in health and driver’ education classes on this specific subject and we’ve seen the PSAs on drinking and driving around holidays such as New Year’s Eve and 4th of July. You may have even memorized your state’s legal limit, knowing you should not exceed a drink or two when getting behind the wheel of your car. You may plan ahead if you know you are going to be drinking, by getting a designated driver or calling an UBER or LYFT. You know you should not get behind the wheel if you feel slightly tipsy – but unfortunately not everyone follows the law.

One of the things that not everyone realizes is that driving under the influence is not always talking about alcohol. Yes, it is probably the biggest problem, but something that is completely legal that can cause driving issues is prescription medication.

If you are prescribed a medication by your doctor, you may need to wait and see how your body reacts to the medication before you start driving. Medications can cause drowsiness, dizziness, decrease your reaction time and so much more. You need to see how the medication affects you and talk to your doctor if you have negative reactions. You do not want a new medication to be the cause of an accident especially an accident that could have been prevented.

If you or a loved one was involved in a car accident caused by a driver who was under the influence, you need to call the attorneys at Hardee, Massey & Blodgett. Charles Hardee, Brack Massey and Kyle Blodgett have over 58 years of combined legal experience working with cases just like this. You don’t have to fight the insurance company alone; they will work to get you the compensation you may deserve for your damages and injuries.

May 13, 2021


When an accident happens the most important thing is getting assistance for the injured party. In the tragic event that a wrongful death happens, it’s important to seek legal counsel to make sure the deceased’s family is compensated for damages, medical expenses, and the maximum financial settlement. While this won’t replace a loved one, taking legal action is a critical step in resolving the financial issues.

How to Identify a Wrongful Death:

There are numerous ways that a wrongful death can occur.

  • Auto, truck, motorcycle, bicycle and railroad accidents
  • Nursing Home Negligence
  • On-the-job and Construction site accidents
  • Medical malpractice and medical negligence
  • Product liability and defective products
  • Criminal acts of violence against another

What to Look for in a Law Firm:

If you need legal representation there are several criteria you need to consider before you decide on a representative for your legal case. Here are a few items that should be on your checklist:

  • Do they have experience in your local area? This is important, as they need to be well-versed in the local and state laws in your area.
  • Do they have a significant amount of experience? You want to make sure the law firm has been around for a while and have experience in handling personal injury cases.
  • Do they have litigation experience? You want to make sure the law firm you choose has successfully tried a personal injury case to verdict.

Choose Hardee, Massey & Blodgett for Your Legal Needs:

Whether you’re seeking compensation for wrongful death or need representation due to an on-the-job accident, motor vehicle injuries, or other types of injuries that result in wrongful death or medical treatment, you need an experienced, trusted and proven firm to provide you with the best representation.

If you are in eastern North Carolina, you need Hardee, Massey & Blodgett on your side. They have over 55 years of combined legal experience helping clients receive the compensation they may deserve.

If you find yourself needing legal representation for a wrongful death case, contact 252-378-2525 for a free consultation.